I am using your free product. Can I extend it easily?

Absolutely, yes. You will continue using our free product and extend it by installing a premium plugin. They will work just perfectly together without any glitches.

How do I get updates to your products?

If you use a free or a premium product you will get a notification in your WordPress admin area. Then you can update it through the interface. For our free products, you’ll get notifications from the wordpress.org directory. Premium product updates use our API system.

What’re the steps to become a premium member?

If you decide to become a premium member, please visit our pricing page to select the right package that best fits your needs. Once you pick the right package and go through the registration and payment steps you can download our products immediately.

What payment method can I use to purchase a package?

You can use the PayPal method or a debit/credit card payment. Card payments use the PayPal system API.

Where can I use the purchased products?

All our premium products are GPL-compatible so you can use them on as many websites as you wish.

How long do I get access to support forums and product updates with a package?

Every premium package includes a support forum and product access (including updates) for a limited period. This access period is available on the pricing page.

My access expired. Do I lose access to product updates and support forums?

Unfortunately, yes. But you can continue using the products without any further problems as well as you can purchase the access package again anytime.

How do I purchase again support forums and premium product access and what are the fees?

To purchase again the support forums and product updates access you need to login to your account where you can purchase the respective package. The price of an access period is available on the pricing page.

I had purchased a package but decided to upgrade to a higher package. Do you provide discounts?

Yes, we provide a one-time 20% discount on the new package within 7 days of the current package purchase. After this period we don’t provide any discounts. Multiple discounts are not offered.

Can I request a product modification in the support forums?

Unfortunately not, our support forums are devoted only to technical help including product settings or minor visual CSS changes. We don’t provide any modifications, development, or any other tweaks of our products in the support forums.

I decided to cancel my purchase and ask for a refund. What can I do?

We provide a no-question 14 days refund of any of our packages purchased for the first time. Refunds for renewed or extended premium access are not offered. Please contact us if you decided so. Please also note, once you decide to cancel the purchase you will lose all access to the products, future updates, and support forums. If you change your mind, you can again purchase a package in the future at any time.